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David Beasley

David Richard Beasley lives in Simcoe Ontario. He has written over a score of books in all genres including the standard biography of Canada’s first novelist, the only comprehensive story of the American Theater in its heyday, historical novels of WWII in Burma, escape from slavery in North America, child abuse in 1805, biographies of the great artist Clay Spohn and the major interpreter of art, the curator Douglas MacAgy, a trilogy of acclaimed detective novels, travels by donkey in Turkey and canoeing down a Canadian river, a political-economic study of the invention of the automobile, and light entertaining social novels and novellas. His Sarah’s Journey, the story of a slave escaping to Upper Canada in 1820, won a literary prize and along with his creative nonfiction From Bloody Beginnings; Richard Beasley’s Upper Canada won a Brag Medallion. He recently published Episodes and Vignet

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