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Kate Kelsen

Kate Kelsen has received recognition from literary awards and competitions around Australia, including the Cancer Council Literary Awards, Alan Marshall Short Story Award, and Warrambucca Books Spooky But True Competition. At twenty-one years of age Kate published her debut novel The Wilted Rose, a novel inspired by the true story of a Brisbane family’s experience with mental illness during the 1960s. In 2014 and 2015, the Hunter Writers Centre consecutively selected Kate’s entries to Grieve Writing Competition for publication in the competition’s annual anthology. In 2015 her entry was also chosen for the inaugural Hunter Writers Centre Award. In 2015, Kate was a finalist in the Reader’s Digest 100 Word Short Story Competition. In 2016 Kate has published a collection of short stories, titled The New Neighbors, and Paid To Dance: Stripping Past and Present, a comprehensive insight

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