About Us

We're a London-based new venture dedicated to the small story genre. Before the age of the internet it was exceedingly difficult to get a work into print and before an audience. First you had to find an agent who would 'do you a favour', for a commission, and sign you up to his or her list of represented authors. They then had to get your work in front of a publisher, which again was no mean feat. As an alternative, 'vanity publishing', when you paid for a limited printing run, could be costly, with large stocks of remaindered copy if your work didn't sell. If you've been down this road you'll know what it's like: it's as if your work is a secondary consideration! Have you ever asked yourself, 'Just how many doors do I have to knock on?' We're an eclectic group of individuals who believe that the internet has disintermediated the publishing process (a fancy way of saying that instead of going through agents and publishers, authors can now bring their work directly to the public, at no cost), and that what's lacking now are vibrant, dynamic, trusted websites through which this direct access can be taken forward. We hope to fill this gap in the marketplace.