by Anwesha Arya
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After a horrific daily event in her life, Seema recalls details that make her stronger than before.

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Martin Marais
Having just joined Yours2Read, one of the things I am looking forward to is the international favour of the contributions. If the Internet has done one thing it has been the democratisation of writing and the making available of a wonderful array of works that most of us would never have been exposed to before. “Turmeric Ribbon” is the tragic story of a woman forced to into an abusive arranged marriage. Narrated through the internal dialogue and memories of Seema, we get to see the sense of utter helplessness the situation has forced her into. Some may find the narrative a little disjointed, but I would say this reflects the disoriented state of Seema’s mind. While written from a particular cultural perspective, many women will be in similar abusive relationships, but hopefully less tragic. So, this is an important piece of work. I look forward to reading more of Anwesha Arya’s stories.