by Clifford Thurlow
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When Vicky buys an antique black dress, the ghosts of old lovers come back to haunt her.

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Malcolm Twigg
Words are superfluous. This is such a cool story that drags you in. Reminds me somewhat of one of mine some years back that was read on radio, 'The Red Dress', but way, way more sophisticated. Excellent job.
Alastair Osborne
Loved this story. I was so desperate to see Fergus well and truly dumped I didn’t see the supernatural element creeping up on me till it was too late. Give me more.
Sabiha Sea
A fun and interesting concept. However, way too much description of the characters thinking; this is heavily distracting and slows down the story. Also, an editor/proofreader would’ve been beneficial.
Roy Jenner
Cleverly written with well depicted characters who came alive and were not just names. The pace of the story enticed me to keep reading and wondering where it would end. I was not disappointed. Congratulations.