by Clifford Thurlow
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Sharon Brown is seventeen. She has a baby now. When she moves to the big city she feels as if she is living in the Land of Giants and no one can see her.

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Simon Reagan
Tail Lights- what can I say? It's so beautiful, sad, and full of pathos. At a distance it would appear to be a desperate story of unfulfilled dreams, mistakes and loss, but this isn't it, this isn't at the heart of the story. It's about the rawness of life, getting on with it, and surviving. Yes, the ending is a shock and conveys the sense of loss and hopelessness, but in the midst of it all, there has to be survival. The story reminded me of the film, 'A taste of honey'- certainly the bleakness of the environment in which the story unfolds. The excellent writing style only added to the pleasure of reading it. Well recommended!