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by Stephen Pain
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A story set in Ystad
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A story set in Ystad
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Simon Reagan
If you read this story you'll be moved by it but you'll not know why. It has a beauty and a bleakness about it, a simplicity of description of context which is unique and which draws you in so deeply you're immediately present at the scenes described. You can feel the biting cold of its location in Ystad, next to the Baltic Sea. The description of the few characters in the story is done in such a way that you can envision the entirety of their lives, the ordinariness of lifetimes, holidays away, rituals, traditions, but all delivered by the author in a way which is sympathetic and touching: you're moved but again, you don't know why. This is work which could have been written by Dylan Thomas and other great writers. It is the deep beauty present in ordinary lives which is captured so perfectly.
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