by Laurence MacDonald
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A riverboat passenger has a strange and unsettling encounter with the ghost of a beautiful girl. Accompanying image: MartinStr (Pixabay)

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Alison Bowman
This story deliciously takes the reader back to the traditional ghost stories of the late 1800s, you can almost see the gentlemen settling into their chairs with brandy and cigar anticipating the telling of the tale. The writer has captured the atmosphere of the time with some delightfully descriptive prose. The story itself is engaging, albeit not very surprising, but again this follows the style of the times. The main character is very believable but I had a little difficulty with the dialect of the second character at the beginning. A good read.
Simon Reagan
This story is brilliant! Its pace and delivery are snappy and brisk, and it draws you in so effectively you’ll not want to put it on one side and come back to it later- you’ll want to finish it in one read. It’s got got colour and context and vibrancy in delivery, you’ll think you’re there in the story, in its settings. I’ll not spoil it by giving the ending away, but suffice to say you’ll not be disappointed. This is in the style of E.A. Poe. Well done.
michael figures
Loved this - well written, atmospheric, charming and enchanting - took you to another time and place long gone - well worth a read
michael snider
Well written, belonging too its time as well, I couldn't help but wonder if Mark Twain might have been in the Saloon at the time! consider and end where the Gentleman is affected by the ghost, to go and find her love, and bring him back to face his demon and give her peace.