by Laurence MacDonald
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The town clock in a backwater settlement seems, for some, to hold a supernatural power. A story set in 19th century Tennessee.

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Sandra Johnson
A wonderful story by a very talented writer.
Malcolm Twigg
Wonderfully conceived tale, absolutely reminiscent of Poe and Lovecraft, and with highly accurate, well sustained and thoroughly believable period language, this is a story that is crafted by a master of the short story form. I only have one criticism, which is that whilst the final paragraph does fit the piece and rounds off the story, to my mind it is superfluous and somewhat distracts - I had to remind myself of the timeframe. The story stands well enough without this and leaves the reader deliciously hanging. There was no need to tie it up with bows and ribbons. Excellent story. Will read more.
Elena Francesca
I like this story, it's well build and easy to read, a good supernatural story.
Mark Bandey
A well written Gothic tale. Throughly enjoyed it.
Sabiha Sea
Fun to read, I liked the ending.
Shirley Hughes
Enjoyable read from start to finish with the writing style matching the period of the action. Will be looking forward for further stories from this writer.