by Ole Karuita
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A Laugh and Rough Story born out of associated identity!

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Robyn Nderitu
Great read, keep up the good work
Doc Mash
Very entertaining story that keeps you glued from the beginning to the end. A great read
Dinah KM
Lovely piece. Always coming back for more of your stories.
Mercy Chelagh
Karuita is an amazing storyteller and his views on cultural diversity are well appreciated.
John Ndabih
Keep up the great work
Litt Okoba
Naj Moha
Great read.
Hiram Kabuchi
Great & fun reading 🙏😀
Shilla Mkasia
Tura Wario
Amos Muthii
a good story
Jecinta Ono
Nice one
Daniel Kilonzi
Lovely piece.