by Ole Karuita
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My people, we need to talk... No village child should have to grow up without ever seeing a chameleon. I seize this opportunity to apologize to all the children in Warazo Jet. I am sorry for playing a part in eradicating chameleons in our village. ...

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Litt Okoba
Naj Moha
Fantastic piece
Wambugu Kemoche
You never disappoint...
Gesora Melvin
Great story. Nice illustrated photo too.
Risa Tinka
Good story,,,write write write more and more
Alex Aringo
Valerian Oira
Nice story
Akoth Jill
great story.
Daisy Wairimu
very creative. kudos
Mike Ronny
a very interesting story
brain ngota
nice story
Hezron Kiplagat
good story bro