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Mr Binks
by Gail Oswald
Pages: NA
Mrs Jenkins help the homeless
Reviews: 3
Mrs Jenkins help the homeless
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Simon Reagan
Not a word about this story or I’ll spoil it, but suffice to say it’s so clever and well written, that it’s just a pleasure to read. It will leave you smiling. A self-contained, concise style with excellent narrative. But it’s the twist in the tale you’ll not see coming which makes it such fun. Highly recommended.
Sabiha Sea
I loved this! It's what's usually referred to as 'flash-fiction. The end made me sit up - I was not expecting that.
Sharon Dormer
A well written and entertaining light hearted piece. There was an instance where you slipped into first person, but that would be easily rectified and doesn't distract from the story at all. I only mention it in case you wanted to sell it. This would fit in a magazine as it is short and non offensive in any way. A good read. x
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