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by Sandra Maggs
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Would you do anything for love? Jacqueline would and as her marriage begins to waver, she plots and schemes to keep her husband by her side at all costs.
Reviews: 6
Would you do anything for love? Jacqueline would and as her marriage begins to waver, she plots and schemes to keep her husband by her side at all costs.
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Shirley Mitchell
Kept me guessing. Well written and thus I feel justified in pointing out the few errors. Frederick is mis-spelt once. " ... as the evening drew to a closed ..." " ... but with love comes responsibilities ..."
Barry Doughty
Hi Sandy I enjoyed your story but unlike the last reviewer, I believe its predictability spoilt it. Too much talk about the butchers shop and the unusual taste of the meat gave the game away far too early. Murder mysteries are a contest between the writer and reader; hence the word mystery. Only when the writer succeeds by his story maintaining the mystery does the story merit publishing, your story, however, has merit; it is the reason I have bothered to read and review it. I liked your idea of a woman being the mysterious Jack, the ripper and her Doctor husband unwittingly supplying the surgical instruments. I feel that you should rewrite this; Sandy, it’s too good an idea to give up on so don’t be discouraged keep writing. All the best Barry
Polly Dun
Hiyas! I am reviewing your short story Jaqueline, once you have read through it is up to you to receive it or not, but it is given with the best intentions to help us both on our writing path. I tend to make notes as I go along...and pass them onto to you and then give a summarisation at the end. I think that this story has merit, but I would call this a first draft. The Opening line reminded me of a Jane Austen quotation “It is a universal truth that a man with a good fortune is in need of a good wife”. But I did not think it worked. Responsibilities in marriage do not include murder and indirect cannibalism. I could not equate it to Jaqueline’s method of getting her marriage back on track. As writers, we have to hook the reader with our opening paragraph. How to keep them treading without giving away too much of the plot. Then there’s the difference between show and tell... I have tried to paste the review I did for you but it seems there is a limit on word count
Linda Anderson
Hm very interesting read, Sandra describes a loving couple till the husband stays, Jacqueline takes matters into her own hands, is she the ripper? This leaves you wondering. Different and interesting.
Gail Oswald
Beautifully descriptive. Flows well. I’m not sure that a wholesome stew with an unusual taste is what would stop her husband from straying but It was set in 1880. Interesting story though.
Sabiha Sea
It was a slow start, but quickly picked up. I enjoyed reading about a female character going to what may be described as ‘unimaginable lengths’. The plot was a cliché, but as it’s set in 1880, I think we can overlook that. However, it was intended to be a murder mystery, but the mystery was weakened by too many references, too many details. The fact that her actions are not clearly confirmed or ruled out is what gives it some [little] mystery.
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