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At the Third Stroke it will be ... forever
by Malcolm Twigg
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When you offer to connect a cemetery to the telephone system expect the unexpected!
Reviews: 8
When you offer to connect a cemetery to the telephone system expect the unexpected!
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Sharon Dormer
A very humorous piece, I had some laugh out loud moments while reading it. I could visualise this, performed as a skit, or perhaps lengthened into a fully fledged play. The characters are strong and the story line has a good circular feel to it. Enjoyable, I would recommend it.
Diane OHara Boucher
Loved it. Great characters, funny and entertaining.
Alan Kirkby
Off the wall incongruity appeals to my sense of humour.
Ade Johnston
Very, very good. As well as being technically excellent it's hilarious! Quite an achievement to locate realistically an all-too-believable community of long-dead corpses. The varied environment of rot and decay, viscous fluids and severed heads, are completely normal for these recognisable dead ones. I love the way it's left to the reader's imagination to envisage the reactions of the living upon encountering a hideous corpse who's just popped out on a mundane task. Will definitely read more of this accomplished author's tales.
Barry Doughty
Amusing, but a strange ending. I wondered if the author really meant to be the end it like that.
jane hayward
This is a very entertaining short story, clever and good fun.
Clifford Thurlow
It's hard to write humour and Malcolm Twigg has achieved this with strong characters and some neat twists.
Maggie Harris
I rather hoped that one of the benefits of an afterlife would be , no more arthritis! This story is deliciously and disgustingly macabre. Very amusing.
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