by Terry Spring
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When a meal out with friends turns out not to be the pleasurable experience anticipated.

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Sharon Dormer
Hi Terry, I enjoyed reading this short. I wouldn't exactly call it a horror but it puts me in mind of those 'Tales of the Unexpected' plays that used to be on the TV. I think this story would fit in a magazine, maybe Yours or Bella or something. Its entertaining and lighthearted and would fit easily there xx
Shirley Mitchell
Rather too close for comfort for this reader, a frequent customer of such establishments in the sixties. Nevertheless an anecdote well told
Richard Baker
A nice short story with sudden and unexpected, but enjoyable, ending.
Malcolm Twigg
Nice twist ending. The dialogue seems very natural, but I did have a problem with placement - this couple must be in their seventies (or at least one of them) to have remembered the 60s and to my mind the conversation and turns of affection seem more suited to a much younger couple. If I had been prepared, I would have found it better realised.
Bernie Mayall
Loved the descriptions, nicely contained. xxx