The Odd Spot
by Alison Bowman
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"Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live” – Albert Einstein.
"Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live” – Albert Einstein.
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Malcolm Twigg
Time slips are notoriously difficult to write with any hope of credibility but this author has clinched it. Very descriptive writing and a unique ending make this a very creditable story.
C G Harris
Hi Alison, thanks for your review of "Kisses from the Sun" - I thought I'd read some of your work and I'm glad I did as I am enjoying them. I can see you are influenced by the works of Fredric Brown that you recommend in your profile (I downloaded Nightmares and Geezenstacks from Amazon and am enjoying that too!). Your stories are redolent of his style as is the length of stories. 'The Odd Spot' is nicely written and flows well too with an interesting and humorous take on the time slip and also a hint at the confusion that might arise should such a thing actually exist! Plus of course the paradoxes! There are one or two typos in there with letters missing/added from words (Examples: '...if flew helter-skelter...' should be - 'it flew helter-skelter...' ; '...I did not recognised...' should be - 'I did not recognise...' ; ;...The one Saturday...' should be - '...Then one Saturday...'. Minor things, but it is worth getting someone else to read over work before posting so that obvious mistakes are picked up. You said in your profile that you had written for a long while and did not have the confidence to put forward for publishing. I mention this because we writers, particularly amateurs (only in the sense that we rarely get paid!), find it it difficult to get anything published in the established sense ( there are hundreds of book being released each day). I self published my two books of short stories so far on Amazon (another on the way). So there is another route. I have put the link to my author web page below - NOT to plug my books but to show you that it is possible to get your work out there. It's tough , I'll admit, particularly publicizing the work - we all want people to read them! Anyway - have a look and there is a contact email on there for anyone who wants to talk about writing - Chris