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The story describes a life journey of a lady who meets her fate that is so contrary to her expectations.

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Welcome all..I would like to here your reactions about this story.
Precious Simiyu
Congratulations dear. I have read your story, it is awesome..I love your creativity. Keep it up
valentine mokua
This is Awesome dear,,I enjoyed reading the story,,it's nice .✨✨ keep it up
Clinton Nyasani
Awesome story...keep it up
Justine Mose
Your story is nice dear. I like your creativity. Keep it up
Ronext Onsongo
short story which leaves us with a lot of questions...keep it up dear
Calester Kwamboka
Paul Gekanda
We go to university so that we can change our homes in the future but many forget the main aim after arriving to university... Good lesson learnt... Good work Makena
Doreen Gakii
This is a nice story. With a moral lesson. We should be focused on our career so that we can achieve what brought us to university...
Brian Munene
Good work dear. Hongera sana
Karis Jackie
Nice one Ireen., love it❤
Terry Kaguri
Wow,what a wonderful episode,, congratulations dear,keep up.
Josphat Machana
Good one Makena. Congrats
Joseph Nyangaresi
Love Mathenge
Ernest Isaboke
Nice one.
Nicholus Ariga
Good story. Waiting for more stories from you
Grace Ragira
Good story. You have a talent
Victor Nyandieka
Nice story dear
Mwanawima Hellen
Hongera sana
Aggie Kanyua
The story is so captivating'congratulations and keep it up dear
solomon mawira
Good story read. Keep it up
Felix Macharia
Nice one.
Enock Ombaye
This is Great
Mary Stella
Moral lesson learnt. Nice one
Betty Kamanda
Recommendable for every youth who have a dream. A nice story
John Ogamba
Janevellah Omwenga
I enjoyed reading your story
Danson Abuya
Good one. Waiting for more stories from you
Tobias Winston
I was touch by the story. I felt it like the father. Keep it up
Hubert Obuya
Good moral lesson. We should be focused with life
Mellen Moraa
Awesome story
Milcah Wanyama
Tain Tina
You have a talent. Keep it up
Cecilia Wakhu
Congrats dear. Nice story with a nice message for us all
Jane Mburu
Awesome. This is an amazing story
Shen Mayaka
Nice one dear. Love it
Noah Kipkorir
congratulations dear,keep up.
Caroline Kasilu
Congrats dear
Macharia Erick
John Wachira
Lynn Kendie
Good story
Jesse Nkaga
inspirational. congrats
Lilian Anyembe
Congratulations girl ,,,, good work
Kelvin Wambua
Derius Mutengi
Eliud Nganga
Your story is touching. Keep it up
Joel Maina
Nice one dear. I enjoyed reading your story. Write more of them
Lilian Kimathi
Amazing story
Mutua Isaac
Nice one
Crispin Onyango
Wonderful story Keep it up
Sarah Kainga
Good story dear. I wish you well
Jacinta Mueni
Nice one dear. You have a talent. Write more stories
mokeira sharon
good story
Kendie Annabel
I like your introduction and conclusion. You are the best
Erick Nyarieko
Good work,,keep it up makena..
Mary Muoki
I love your creativity,,we should uphold and keep our focus,, congratulations
Feline Mocheche
Hongera sana dear
Jovine Kateiya
Congratulations. It's a nice story
Auleria Khisa
Awesome story
Linet Nesh
The story is so captivating'congratulations and keep it up dear
Josphine Mulei
It's indeed a fate..keep it up madam👏
Laetitia Kemunto
A contemporary issue well described,,keep it up makena,we need many stories of this kind.. congratulations
Mary Wange
Amazing story
Valentine Moraa
Very interesting story
Mawira Mbuyia
This is the best story read...keep it up
Grace Waiga
Too unfortunate,,I felt for the father..we should go to school with focus and determination for us to make our guardians proud.keep it makena👏
Barack Kungu
Nice story. Congrats
Edinah Mwamba
Chritine Kariuki
🔥🔥,,well drafted episode..keep the fire burning.
Kemunto Ondogo
I like your creativity
Nellys Muturi
The flow was awesome. All the best in the competition.
Joseph Asiago
Wonderful 👏,,I enjoyed reading your work ireen, congrats.
Morgan Orang'
Kudos. I enjoyed reading your short, congrats.
Virgian Mukami
I love your flow of ideas.kudos 💪
Enock Moremi
Wow..this is a wonderful story..keep them coming..👏👏
Andrew Araka
I like the way characters were developed. Keep it up
Patrick Munene
This is an amazing story that kept me on toes till the end. Congrats
Lenity kagwiria
You've brought out your theme and styles perfectly.. congrats makena🔥
Lewis Mwenda
A very Good story
Edwin Karanja
I recommend this story to all students who have dreams. It's the best. It's touching
Cicilia Wanjiru
You got pleasant ideas ireen, write such more. Good work✨👍
Eliud Mwangi
Lesson learnt.. congratulations 👏👏
Ken Moseti
What happened to the lady? Did she die or survive? I love the way you've brought out suspense.congratulations..write more .❣️🔥🔥
George Opiyo
Wow, wonderful piece of art..kudos,.
Lenity Ogamba
Am looking forward to reading your work over and over again,,keep it up makena.
Trevor Onchomba
Congratulations Ireen.i read your story and it is wonderful..
Ravine Mogendi
Good one. Indeed it's an episode of fate
Innocent Ondieki
Congratulations...your ink is awesome, so inspiring
Linet Kerandi
This story is really captivating,,I love it . congrats
Austine Asalache
A very good and interesting story
Doreen Kawira
Mary Njoki
Kudos👌 wishing you all the best
Hesbon Mwaniki
A nice one especially for youths.keep up 👍
Caroline Moraa
Short term pleasures should not be agents of running our future. congratulations makena👏👏
Damaris Mogire
Awesome! What a story from you my dear. Waiting for more stories
Virginia Wambua
Good moral lesson which should be learnt from all the young youths
Emmanuel Kiplangat
Gift Muheria
No parent/ guardian would wish to meet such disappointment 💔,, students should mind their ways and ensure that they are good. Keep going makena..🥳
Morara Loyford
Inspirational story.
Sebastian Muema
Good story.
Ochieng Junior
Amazing story
Beverlyne Ombaye
Keep on keeping dear. The story is very interesting
Oloo Gabriel
Wow. I like your story. Keep it up
Esther Kaari
Wow,what a wonderful episode,, congratulations dear,keep up.
purity ngoci
I was touched by the story. I felt it like the father. it really hurts when people have hope in you but finally you disappoint them. nice lesson learnt.
Jusper Kiburi
The story is so captivating'congratulations and keep it up dear. I recommend it to everyone to read it
Juma Sylvester
Awesome. This is an amazing story
erick nyangau
Great work!
edith ndua
wooooi. what a sad ending.
winnie nyaboke
wow. very nice story that kept me guessing what will happen until the end....congrats
Diana Njeri
you have brought out the theme in a very interesting way. keep it up
zipporah wangui
congrats dear. its awesome
ken ndung'u
we should not forget where we have come from...lesson learnt
Daniel Kashatila
hongera sana dada
silvester mochoge
good story
martin kivulya
short story which leaves us with a lot of questions...what happened afterwards
Geoffrey Matagaro
lenny musyoka
congrats makena
mary kato
you have a talent. keep writing more stories
sharon atera
its called university life. we should be careful on what we wish for
Redenta lomon
amazing story
Hilda Omurwa
very interesting story. keep it up and all the best
allan oduor
nice one. congrats
faith wanja
the best short story read. keep it up
Raphael Ogendi
Morris Muthoni
great work!
Dorca Gakii
You have the content,,kudos makena.
Isaiah Munene
It is inspiring. congrats
Loina Linet
What an amazing episode..keep it up Ireen.🔥🔥
Moses Koechi
You have the content,,kudos makena.
Monica Murugi
Awesome work madam,,the lady is the embodiment of what is what is currently happening in our contemporary society.. congrats 👏
Amos Nyagaka
I like your creativity dear
Rono Amos
George Opiyo
Good work dear. I like your story 💯
Amina Mwadiga
Wow. This is a good story with a nice message to everyone
Silvia Makena
Your first story but the best. I'm trying to imagine how the second story will be better than this. Keep it up
Isaiah Muchui
Rebecca Wanja
This is an amazing story
Deborah Rotich
A contemporary issue well described,,keep it up makena,we need many stories of this kind.. congratulations
Moureen Mwangi
Superb story. Congrats
Millicent Chemtai
Good work,,I really enjoyed reading it.keep it up ma'am ✨
Faith Karis
Your story is nice dear. I like your creativity. Keep it up
Caroline Kathure
lameck omweri
this is awesome
Belinda Njuguna
The psychological turmoil is very much seen in the lady,,keep writing 👍
frank motari
awesome story
Ann Anne
I like the way you bring out your themes..I need more stories from you🔥🔥
florence ondima
good one. keep it up
albanus oburu
congrats dear
Kennedy Mukoi
The lady has betrayed everyone including her fellow community members..💔,,so discouraging., anyway congrats makena.👍
Rebecca mwenda
nice story
dorca masese
Moses Njue
You are a real author makena,, 👏 keep it up.
dickson ochieng
great work
Rachael Maloan
People should learn to open up and share what they go through in life instead of taking away their lives through suicidal acts. a good moral lesson makena,,keep glowing 🔥🔥
Tracy Akinyi
very interesting story
Mokeira Lydia
Keep the spirit gonna change the world through literature.
wilfred kiprono
excellent. keep it up
Ken Juma
Maintain that lane are going far in literature 💪
Irene Wambui
congratulations dear
Victor Vicky
A very sad fate for the lady.💔,, congratulations dear.
edwin onsare
amazing story
Magret Nyaboke
Young people should look back to their backgrounds and identify the expectations that the society has on them hence focus on improving and reaching their goals,,.I love your creativity madam👏👏
millicent nyaga
Kibet Bethwel
Keep it up ma'am 💞
nellis kawira
Nancy Lucia
hongera sana.
Chrispine Oenga
What an amazing episode..keep it up Ireen.🔥🔥
doreen kiraitu
emmah nyoigo
congrats dear
Elizabeth Ndira
Good one
kelvin Araka
verah masese
Awesome story...keep it up
Nafula Joseph
lucy mwenda
I like your introduction and the whole story
satiago toto
moranga lydiah
makena's ink its a good one
Michelle Wambui
In as much as most people are blaming the lady,I feel that the lad should style up and face his responsibilities.kudos Ireen.
loin linet
Duncan korir
Charles Njoroge
Wah,if this society will keep taking the suicide route,then there is need for the issue to get openly discussed to ensure that people are at a position to speak out their pressing issues
mourine kanana
congrats dear
Angwenyi Polycarp
Commiting suicide doesn't solve any problem.infact it gives intensive grief to the society at large.everyone should avoid it.congrats great author 🔥
naomi mbithe
nice one
Trecy Okello
What a fateful incident 💔💔,,I feel for the father.
Deusidedit Mogendi
Fitting in the lady's shoes,I can feel the pain that was injected into her system because of an irresponsible man,and I feel that men should too style up and avoid escapism be at all cost.
agnes mutinda
Jabuya Lawrence
I had to read your story more than four times,.it is awesomly drafted.keep it up makena 👏
brian omwoyo
cynthia matoke
good one. congrats
calister kwamboka
Daniel Maina
Styles and themes are well brought out.congrants🔥🔥
Judith Moreka
I love the way you have observed all short story aspects like,the setting, characters conflict and much more to bring out your ideas.congratulations✨
victor nyachaki
congrats dear
Ayub Ojwang
Write and write makena,,the floor is yours🥳🥳
Samuel Makokha
Can't wait to read more from you dear,💪💞
Terry Kawira
The episode is really validated,,kudos🥳
kibet bethwel
Timothy Mokogoti
Buxton Kemboi
Terry Trizah
Lenna Mary
Josphat Baraza
Am trying to figure out how the mother,'karimi',back at home reacted to news about her sad.good work Ireen.
Letua Oenga
Good one
Josephine Jena
Gaudencia Kemuma
Raphael Kiarii
riuth oouma
i like your story
Abigael Kaluki
monica monda
Areen Kathambi
Doris Waita
melvin odhis
nice one. keep it up
Juddy Kerry
duncan mejja
winnie nyaboke
Hilda Omurwa
good one
Martin Kivulya
enock monda
amazing story
Fridah Casty
Amon Kiprotich
People should learn to open up and share what they go through in life instead of taking away their lives through suicidal acts. a good moral lesson makena,,keep glowing 🔥🔥
Elias Kemonyo
This is a talent you got makena,,keep going..
Victoria Kisera
Keep the spirit gonna change the world through literature.
Benjamin Mwenda
Terry Wekesa
Good story
Kevin Korir
Brian Bogita
Ombat Max
Nice story
Jane Gatwiri
Irene Rugendo
Good moral lesson learnt.
Festus Kinoti
Awesoomeee.,very nice. I loved it... Can't wait for more....
Peter Muriithi
Nice one Ireen. Kudos
Denis Mugambi
Good story read. Keep it up
George Chege
Japhet Mwenda
Nice one dear
Morris Kim
Mawira John
Congrats 👏
Moses Mutwiri
Good interesting story
Joannie Wambui
Anthony Muriungi
Good story. Keep it up
Richard Makau
Congrats 👏
Justin Begin
I love your creativity madam, keep it up 👏
Onani Dancan
Kudos Makena the episode is well written.keep up.
Solomon Mutembei
Your writings always makes me think deep.congratulations.🔥
Sharon Cheptarus
Nice dear
Lilian Gakii
Great work
Mercy Kilemi
Euticus Kimathi
Justin Begin
Doreen Kawira
Davii Davie
Great work
Irene Theuri
Keep writing such Makena👌
Lobo Denis
Eugy Amey
❤lovely piece 🔥🔥
Kirui collins
Vinnie Mwangi
Good work
Galo Henry
Gloria Mukami
Ivy Monda
Awesome story...keep it up
Cate Mwangi
Ravine Mogendi
Doreen Ondieki
Hongera sana
Eliud Asalache
Keep it up
Lucy Njeri
Austine Ondieki
Benta Gachoki
Good lesson learnt
Grace Mburu
Good one
Danson Kaluki
Edu Omwenga
Nice one
Godfrey Kawira
Bessy Kangai
Keep shining in literature 💪🔥
Mirium Chemei
How now? Poor Kananu..😭,,I can feel the burden she had but kinda commiting suicide shouldn't be the way to go.good lesson learned,💪🔥