by Jimmy Nzioki
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Now here is a thought provoking read. Ever read Bunyan's or C.S. Lewis' allegories? If yes, then you've got to love this Christian Allegory and Apology replete with biblical symbols and wait for it....a fully African setting or should I say an East ...

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Gill Erick
For any Christian, this story captures the essence of the faith in simple undertones that will hardly be missed. Whether you believe in the King's City or not, the allegory used here will keep you scrolling to the end of the story.
Joshua Muteti
Excellent read! . The writer is very creative.
Sylvester Nzomo
Amazing bro.Keep going.
Eddy Mbugua
Rarely am I intrigued by a story to this extent. I'm actually convinced this was a real depiction. Credit to the author for such deep insight
Karimi Yvonne
This story paints the picture of what a Christian life is like. Kudos to the author
Tito Sitati
A well crafted story that engages your imagination in a most exciting and instructional manner. Loved the read!
Daniel Mumo
well and nice