by Bernie Mayall
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Two young women are able, accidentally and because of their own trauma, to reach out to another young woman, long dead, and allow her a peace and vindication she has never before been able to gain. Sisterhood travels across the centuries and finds l...

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Beth Lorito
Fabulous 👌
Lily CoadyMayall
Love this!
Jonathan CoadyMayall
A rather well-written piece. Engaging, concise with real emotion.
Sarah Price
Hannah Elizabeth
Completely loved this. Especially how "The comfort given by being understood was immeasurable" echoes in the ending of this story
Adam Lorito
Jacob CoadyMayall
wonderfully evocative
Bethia Coadymayall
Love it!
Nettie Kimber
Excellent 🥳
Sarah CM
Mary Boone
Very well written
Alex Smith
Fabulous story Bernie
John Smith
Amazing storytelling!
Gerry Hall
Wanted this to keep going, well done Bernie.
Gail Baldwin
I really enjoyed this, can you write more please
Beatrice James
Hanna Ellis
I want to hear more...
Josephine Speller
👌 perfection
Anna CM
Charlotte Harrison
Felicity Thomas
Incredible Bernie!
Franklin Booth
Fantastically written, I want to read more!!
Pam Adams
Great read. Loved the characters.
Samuel Jordanson
Very good writing.
Layla Reed
Great writing. Carry on Bernie.
Helen Partridge
Great work Bernie, keep it up


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