by Rochelle Potkar
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In the upscale neighborhood of Cuffe Parade, Mumbai a perfumer expends a lifetime trying to find the quintessential perfume, but ends up understanding the difference between a loveless marriage to a stylish woman, and desire embedded in his silent a...

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Peter Theuri
Good, good story.
Simon Reagan
This story is just perfect in so many ways. It''s written well with excellent grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, but this is 'a given' with this author. But it's the development of context and narrative which is so delicate and nuanced. You're immersed in the lives of the characters- their hopes, loves, fears. The colours, scents, scenes, and hustle and bustle of Mumbai provide a unique sense of context. You must read this story!
Malcolm Twigg
This is not just a story, it is a slice of life in a particular society and so eloquently and poetically written that it makes me wonder that I have the audacity to call myself a writer. It has all the character and scope to be made into a film along the lines of Chocolat. Evocative, unassuming, even visionary are just some of the words I could use to describe this story whih is so good it deserves far more than five stars. Thoroughly recommended.