by Don Roth
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A second outing for the thoughts, feelings and obscure memories surrounding a pretty ordinary life

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This is a welcome follow-on from the previous posting of diary entries. Yes there are punctuation issues, and date headings are not spaced out. But this is exactly what one would expect to find in a diary- a rawness, roughness, and easy writing style. There’s a refreshing honesty and candour, with situations we can all relate to. Characters (for example, Aunty Cuckoo) are introduced in a simple and touching way. In places there’s a sympathy and affection which could be likened to work by Dylan Thomas- see Under Milk Wood. The author’s openness, the meandering style in places, make this a pleasure to read. More please, Don! And by the way, there’s no such thing as a pretty ordinary life- all life stories are unique.
Julia Decastro
Another great read Don, I especially liked the references to the Limacol. I must admit I had forgotten that Maxine was lou lou bird. Keep writing you have an uncanny knack for it.