by Alison Bowman
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The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build. M.Thatcher
The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build. M.Thatcher
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Alex AA
Not as strong as the authors others attempts, which I do so believe is not to do with the description used, but the need for further character development and their emotions. Whilst the ambiguity of the character's intentions are meant to drive intrigue and interest, there is something that is not quite grabbing me as immediately as her other works. Nonetheless, what the author does succeed in is their ability to bring scene to life through their vast and well chosen lexis. I feel this short-story seems more of a combination of various ideas but they don't seem to work as seamlessly together. However, the author always manages to throw a twist into the mix, which brings that reader back in once more.
C G Harris
Hi Alison, as mentioned in my review of 'The Odd Spot' your stories are redolent to those of one of your favourite writers, Frederic Brown, and this one is no exception. In that sense, there is the twist at the end which did catch me by surprise and I like the idea that a 'haunting' can be not just a physical one but of emotions as well. Nicely written with good descriptive and alliterative text in places. I found, however, the general premise that villagers would be so consumed with envy that not only would they be dismissive and stand-offish to people that have done them no actual harm, but would extend to killing animals and then burning the place down with human beings inside of it, very implausible. I think that for this to happen the villagers would have to have much more reason than envy to do such a thing. Still enjoyed the story! - Chris
Olwyn Barker
My first foray into yours2read. Enjoyed Alisons story immensely. Had to go back and read the last sentence to appreciate the twist in the tale.