by Ahmed Deen
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Maryam is a young girl with an entrepreneurial mind. When everyone in Wajir is scrambling to work for the county government, Maryam decides to create a job for herself. She opens a tea stall and is doing very well until people start pushing her in t...

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Abdiladif Hassan
A well woven tale that Vividly describes how low the corruption ridden county governments are run across most of the 47 counties.
Ibrahim Muhson
Kudos to the author for crafting a compelling narrative in 'Maryam's Tea Stall.' The story is not only engaging but also thought-provoking, showcasing the essence of entrepreneurship and individual determination.
Habiba Wakio
Amazing story of change. Power of a woman.
Tershian Kisonde
Hehe, an opportunitea indeed. Excellent story, keep writing!!
Calvince Omolo
This is so beautiful.