by Alison Bowman
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Arrogance is ever accompanied by folly. PLATO
Arrogance is ever accompanied by folly. PLATO
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This is such a clever story, and with a very unexpected twist in the end. The author perfectly captures context, locating the action in the desert. You can feel the heat, see the dust, but it’s deftly described with just the right amount of detail. Grammar is perfect- it’s bookstore quality. The religious underpinning to the story is delivered very well. Highly recommended, and you’ll not see the ending coming until the last sentence- it will catch you unawares.
Alex AA
The way the author uses imagery in this piece brings the world to life. The author really sets the scene and captures the reader in their own curiosity of the mysterious man on the ledge. I particularly liked how a professor of his area and expertise finds bias in his own beliefs which is really fascinating for his character development. As for the ending? It took me by surprise. Excellent.