by Nyawira Writes
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Stricken by heartbreak, our protagonist flees to Limuru, seeking solace in solitude. However, the past lingers like a shadow. With each step, they run from their sorrows, chasing a mantra: "Every storm runs out of rain." In the embrace of a mysterio...

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Ambajo Susan
This is amazing+ so engaging.....for a moment I thought I was in Limuru too haha! Such a wordsmith !
Cynthia Nganga
Very wholesome!
Jacky MW
I'm always looking forward to reading your pieces ....this is amazing 👏
Tekra Weru
Love love the word play..such a great piece
Lucy Keshy
Interesting read!I journeyed with the protagonist all through her heartbreak to rediscovering her inner strength.The cover photo is also on point.
Bob Kamau
I love it and would really love to read more.