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Desert Hunt
by KSR Menon
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An Al Qaeda operative is in Dubai to secure a suitcase nuke design from a Pakistani agent. The fast paced story takes the reader also to India, Pakistan, Iran and Israel as the nail-biting plot unravels. Will Al Qaeda succeed?
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In the liberal oasis of Dubai, Al Qaeda plots to secure a suitcase nuke design that would have devastating and far-reaching consequences, while changing the rules of the terror game forever. When a top Hamas commander is assassinated in Dubai, a spectacular suicide attack is played out to avenge the killing, and, more importantly, to divert attention away from the nuke design deal.
From then on, the breath-taking narrative keeps a torrid pace involving a wounded Al Qaeda honcho, Pakistani intelligence men, a mercurial Arab secret agent and American and Indian officers who act as backroom boys deftly pulling the strings from behind to thwart the terrorists. However, Al Qaeda still manages to conclude the deal for the nuke design. In the nail-biting climax, can the cops stop the renegades from leaving Dubai? With the fate of the world clearly at stake, failure is simply not conceivable.                                                        Now selling on Amazon. Paperback & Kindle 
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