Our Strategy

Our strategy is to become one of the busiest websites for short stories on the internet. We’re in the business of ‘importing and exporting’ creativity in the form of short stories written by authors from around the world, to readers around the world.

Our website will never be static; instead, it will be constantly refreshed in terms of the services offered to authors, and the reader experience. It will be dynamic and constantly changing, or it will be nothing at all.

As soon as our ‘bookshelves’ – our range of categories- are well stocked with stories, the next step will be to invite an author in each category to oversee its content, to promote it, and to control its editorial direction. Authors who engage with us now will be at the front of the queue when it comes to these appointments, and will play a vital role in taking forward the project.

We hope that you, as an aspiring or established author, will join with us in this new venture.

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