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Benny OCaffery
As you can see I’m a big fan of Doctor Who. In fact, if you saw my bedroom you would say I’m possibly obsessed. I have about 5 shelves of DVDs of the series. 124 classic series DVD ‘s and the whole of New who too. Plus audio adventures and Dozens of books too. And now I’ve written half a dozen fan fiction stories of my own. You may ask yourself why is he so obsessed with the series so much. That’s a good question and I will tell you. Doctor Who saved my life that’s why. How did it do that? You might ask. Well, this is very easily explained and the story of my life with Doctor Who. It all began when I was little, I grew up in a home of alcohol and fighting were daily occurrences. I witnessed violence between my parents regularly and on one occasion quite horrific. So to try to escape this I often visited a wonderful land and Nation called ImaginNATION. Doctor Who played a massive part in that. I could travel to wonderful worlds and have amazing adventures with the Doctor. Throughout my life, I have suffered mental health issues. Starting with those experiences as a child and Doctor Who has been my escape. Plus other time travel shows. Because I was always fascinated by other times. Victorian Times my favourite. I’m a big Dickens fan. So all these things played a part of my life. They helped me deal with all my mental health issues. I was born with big ears. So I was also bullied as a child. Sometimes jokingly by my own father who told me he threw me out the window and I flew back in. I was called Dumbo the flying elephant as a nickname. Teachers at school called me slow. All these things played on my self-esteem. My mum and Dad divorced when I was young and she remarried and her husband didn’t want us. So we lived with our dad who now got himself sober. But didn’t know how to bring up CHILDREN. I often got belittled by him this also affected my self-esteem. Later in life, he disowned me as a son completely. After my mum died. Who I spent my life trying to get close too but never quite succeeding. I struggled with mental health issues too. Which lead to a heart attack. More mental health issues. However throughout all this Doctor Who helped me escape all this and when I was put to the test at my job eventually losing it. I had a breakdown. But this lead to me starting to actually writing and escaping through my stories. I began to write Doctor Who stories. It’s what I knew and when I would get very low and wanted to end it all. My stories helped save my life. Because I shared with friends and they loved them. This boosted my self-esteem. So after a while, I created my own time travelling characters and adventures. Which has lead to my passion for writing? So Doctor Who literally saved my life. Plus it is a series of hope and salvation. Love and friendship. So time travel really does broaden the mind. Trust me I ‘m the Doctor ??
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Hollywood sign of the times.
by Benny OCaffery
Memories are everything. Especially for Jack. Find out the joy they bring. In this movin...
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Hollywood sign of the times.
by Benny OCaffery
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