Welcome New Authors!

 When you submit a story, it’ll be checked first to ensure that it doesn't contain unacceptable themes or is just plain nasty. Is this censorship? Well yes, in a way, but since we aim to attract a wide readership we have to exclude whenever a story steps beyond certain boundaries.

After you’ve posted, you’ll be able to see your story's status (under review, rejected, or accepted and uploaded into the site) via your own dashboard.  If it's rejected you'll receive what we hope will be constructive feedback. If it's for grammatical issues, we'll be happy to work with you to resolve these (free of charge). You’ll be able to upload a picture which captures your story's main themes, as well as a title linked from our front page to capture the attention of visitors.

You'll be able to develop a following with whom you can keep in contact via links to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. You can also post information about yourself, your work, and what drives you to write, and can invite feedback from other authors or readers.

We also have an ‘Author of the Month’ space on our front page reserved for writers whose work has made an impression on readers, based upon feedback and ratings.

All copyright in stories belongs to individual authors. We have no rights- legal or moral- in stories posted, and you are free to take down, delete or modify any story whenever you like. Also, we don't take a fee from readers for downloading stories.