The future: join us on our journey

Throughout 2022 Yours2Read will introduce further innovative and exciting services. We will be looking to fill the following posts, remunerated on an ad hoc, project-by-project basis, the rate to be agreed when we are ready to proceed. For now, we are simply looking for expressions of interest and will be ready to take this forward in the summer of 2022.

If you want to become involved, please send a short e-mail to identifying which post interests you, and the skills you possess to meet its requirements. Please don’t include personal details or a CV (your name will suffice, but don’t send your address or a contact number): keep things simple for now in a ‘thumb sketch’. Nothing you provide will be passed on to third parties but by responding to this, you grant us permission to follow up your e-mail with an e-mail in reply.


If you have an eye for detail and excellent skills in grammar, spelling, and presentation, then we would like to hear from you. Ideally you will have an undergraduate and/or postgraduate qualification in English literature, history, art, or similar fields. Stories are generally between 2500-5000 words long: some require superficial improvement, others more extensive correction. We try to avoid making the perfect the enemy of the good, but carelessness can distract readers’ attention. Are you technically competent to be a reviewer?

Competition organisers and judges

Can you launch a competition through your network of friends and contacts? Perhaps you’re a member of a local writers ‘circle. Would you like to launch a call for stories in a specific genre of your choice? If yes, we’ll work with you in putting it together, and will put up a prize. Alternatively, would you like to be a panel member to judge submissions in future competitions? If yes, get in touch.

Authors for interviews

Are you an author who would be willing to complete a series of questions for an interview in an e-zine we will be launching in the summer of 2022? What makes you tick as an author? Can you tell our readers about a book or short story you have previously written? What led you to write it? Which book are you reading now, and could you recommend one you have recently read? Who is your favourite author, and why? The interview will present an opportunity for you to promote your own work.

Online workshops

Could you prepare and deliver (talk through) an online PowerPoint presentation in a workshop, perhaps of half an hour’s duration? Themes could include the process of writing, what makes for a good short story, how to develop characters, pace, contexts, your experience as a writer, and avoiding grammatical errors.

Regarding likely participants, we already have a working relationship with one of the largest writers’ guilds in Africa: we will work with them to reach out to aspiring authors in countries in which we have been active over recent years (free of charge to attendees, but the presenter will be remunerated for time and effort).