Competition Rules

Help us to kick-start our project! US$200 to be awarded each month for the highest ranking author in downloads.


We’re running an ongoing competition...


Every month, starting in August, we’ll award US$200 to the author with the most downloads of their stories. If an author posts several stories, then we take the story which gains the highest number of downloads: we do not amalgamate across all stories posted by that author to gain an overall figure. An e-mail notifying the winner will be generated as soon as the end of month deadline has been reached. We require a minimum of 30 downloads for any one story before a prize will be awarded. This makes sense: if it was otherwise, and let’s say there were 5 downloads for one author and 3 for another, then we would still have to award the prize even though readership of that particular short story has been negligible. It’s a rough and ready way of going about things but for now we think it works.

There’s also no carry-over from one month to the next; if an author has 10 downloads in one month and 25 in the next, there’ll be no prize awarded: it has to be a minimum of 30 in any one month before a story will be eligible. So let’s say we have one author achieving 35 downloads and another 40, then the latter will win for that month. It’s as simple as that. Our system enables authors to see exactly how many downloads they’ve achieved each month. Also, the winning author will have his or her work displayed on our ‘Author of the Month’ page, gaining further recognition and promotion. We believe this is a fair way of going about things but please let us know if you disagree, and which alternative you’d suggest. We also ask each month’s winning author to acknowledge receipt of the prize, just for our records.