Welcome New Authors!

Our strategy is to become one of the busiest websites for short stories on the internet; here's how we hope to do it.

  • We need to attract new authors and readers: in other words, we have to start somewhere! A site which has very few visitors is pointless, however glossy or well presented its pages and services.
  • After we've built up an extensive bank of stories, we'll introduce a payments gateway which authors can monitor via individual dashboards within the site. But for now we can only offer authors a medium for the promotion of their work. We don't take payments from either authors who post or readers who download, and make no legal or moral claim to copyright in anything posted.
  • When we've established dynamic communities across the website, the next step will be to invite an author in each category to oversee its content, to promote it, and to control its direction. Authors who engage with us now will be at the front of the queue when it comes to these appointments. Each category leader will receive a percentage of its turnover- a sort of franchise, if you will. We hope that authors who come forward for these positions will have a sense of ownership of the project, and a role in its future development.

We hope that you, as an aspiring or established author, will join with us in this exciting new venture.